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Oil Drain Hoses

Drainzit oil drain hoses allow you to change the oil in your small, gas-powered engine without tipping, dismounting, or modifying your engine in any way. Drainzit hoses are custom-designed to be easy to use and install. The flexible hose allows for easy draining into an oil disposal container. Once you’re done, replace the rubber cap and retainer strap and you’re on your way. Drainzit oil hoses are meant to save you time and save the environment!

  • M20x2.5 Kawasaki Engine Oil Drain Hose

    Drainzit oil drain hose for Kawasaki FJ180V series engines and others with a M20x2.5 port. Drainzit Specifications Fittings convert metric to SAE wrench sizes Custom-made SAE/metric fittings seal kit to engine with o-ring Rubber retainer loop holds hose...

  • 1/4" Oil Drain Hose for Honda and Kohler Engines

    Drainzit oil drain hose for Honda and Kohler engines. Compatible engines: Honda: GX240, GX270, GX340, GX390, & GC160 Kohler: CS8.5, CS10, & CS12 Hose Length: 14"Hose Fitting: 1/4"Drain Port Size: 12mm Drainzit Specifications Fittings...

  • 3/8" Oil Drain Hose for Honda Vertical Shaft Engines

    Drainzit oil drain hose for Honda vertical shaft engines. Compatible engines: Honda vertical shaft engines: GXV530, GXV610, GXV620 and GXV670 Hose Length: 14"Hose Fitting: 3/8"Drain Port Size: 20mm Drainzit Specifications Fittings convert...